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Mangaboo is the new project by Giulia Passera (The Sweet Life Society) and Francesco Pistoi (Motel Connection). The different musical background has led them to develop a personal dance master, which assimilates and re-elaborates different genres, ranging from the Krautrock of Amon Düül to Robert Hood’s techno, through the Mozart’strock of Amon Düül to Robert Hood’s techno, through the Mozart’s Requiem.

This act’s electronic and electric music fits with many visionary conceptual world of visual artists and film directors such as Alessandro Gioiello and Cy Tone, Giulia Achenza, Leo Leonardi.

Mangaboo is an imaginary place located close to the center of the Earth, it is enlightened by a motionless sun that has a colorful luminosity and it is surrounded by five stars of different colours. Since the sun is static, there is no night and the time is not marked.

The act has performed in several Italian important festivals, clubs and events such as Circolo degli Illuminati, Magazzino sul Po, Live Club, Torino nye, Jova Pop Shop, Genova Pride, Festival Alta Felicità and more. Mangaboo is now starting the European tour.

“Our first album shows the common intent of searching for pleasure into the music and through the music. It is a journey into the sounds that we love. A walk through different bpms and images, full of analog synthesisers, stems, drum machines and introspective lyrics. Our first album is our ideal club, and we want to share it with you all. We are working on our second album at the moment, our way of composing is more mature as well as the sound, and we will have lots of interesting featuring and remixes so stay tuned!”

Giulietta Passera started as a classical piano player. She became a jazz singer at a later time and, eventually, she discovered the magnetic power of the electronic music in 2010. At that time, she started performing as a vocalist in Italian Clubs and Jazz Festivals. She has been touring the whole Europe since 2013, performing at the most important music festivals (Big Chill London, European Jazz Expo, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Glastonbury, Boomtown, Lovebox, Bestival, Felsziget Peninsula) with the electroswing big band The Sweet Life Society. In addition to this, in 2013 Giulietta also gave life to Zip Coed: a crossover music project that melts jazz with electronic sounds.

Francesco Pistoi, also known as Dj Pisti, produces electronic music on Krakatoa Recordings. He is master of ceremonies of some of the most well-recognised techno nights in Italy. Moreover, he is the most dance-oriented soul of Motel Connection: one of the most important Italian electronic music bands. With Motel Connection Pisti has realised three albums and two movie soundtracks. Besides touring all over Italy, he had the honour of playing in important foreign electronic music festivals such as Detroit Movement, Barcelona Sonar and Tbilisi Open Air. He became artistic director of Fringe in the Box, the electronic-oriented side of the Turin Jazz Festival, in 2013.

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